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many members are having difficulty  taking photographs with smart phones and once uploaded to the forum, these photographs upload sideways, and have to be reoriented to display correctly.  i know some of you have become rather frustrated with it. smart phones smarter than us?........ :D

any picture taken with a smart phone horizontally will always upload and post correctly unless you have rotated your smart phone 'upside down' then the photo will post 'upside down'.  any picture taken vertically will upload sideways and will either have to be rotated by you before uploading to the forum on your own pc, or corrected after uploading and posting by us.  any picture taken vertically and directly uploaded from your smart phone will always post sideways and we will have to reorient them.

how to fix these vertical photographs posting sideways:

1.  check to see if there is a setting in your specific smart phone to change the orientation of the vertically shot photograph/s.  view the 
     photograph/s on your phone and go into the 'settings' of each photograph to determine whether or not you can change the orientation
     and save it. if not these photos will have to be imported to your pc and reoriented with any simple free program on windows based pc's.
    (i am unfamiliar with mac's).

2. import the photograph/s to your pc and manually change the orientation. all smart phone pics taken vertically and imported to a windows based pc
    will also appear sideways. these have to be manually rotated to view them properly, and manually rotated to upload and post correctly on the forum.

windows based pcs have a number of simple free programs you can use; microsoft office picture manager (rotate and flip option), photo gallery (rotate right or left option), photo viewer (rotate clockwise or counterclockwise option).  if you happen to have windows 7, left click on the photograph, right click to bring up a sub menu, and in that menu you have an option to either rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. 

also sometimes these photos can be stubborn, they will rotate back. copy the photograph, rotate it and save it under a similar name to the original ie: copy of xyz.....

there are other free programs you can download, for example picassa, that also gives one an option to rotate the photograph.  also, all photo program software that one purchases has this ability as well, but you don't need to buy a program to rotate photographs, just use what is available on your computer.

3. if uploading vertical pictures directly from your smart phone, re-orient them either in the phones settings or importing to your pc first and manually
    re-orienting, or consider taking the photograph horizontally.

4. take photographs horizontally, not vertically.  ;D

if anyone has any questions, or if i can help you get your photos uploaded correctly with your specific operating system and whatever photo programs you are using, i would be happy to help you out. 


we have seen some videos shot vertically with a smart phone.  i have uploaded two examples.

shot vertically with a samsung galaxy s4, uploaded to you tube, this is what you get, a skinny video with a lot of black bars:
(i rotated this video to play properly on my pc with windows movie maker. if not rotated, you tube recognizes the video is sideways so rotates it accordingly)

shot horizontally, a nice hd widescreen video:

some additional help to rotate photos on windows based systems.

find your picture in whatever folder it is in. LEFT CLICK on the photo, then RIGHT CLICK on the photo. you will see this menu to rotate a photograph; rotate clockwise or rotate counter clockwise:

all windows based systems have an 'OPEN WITH' menu. find your picture in whatever folder. LEFT CLICK on the photo, then RIGHT CLICK to bring up the menu. move your cursor down to 'OPEN WITH'.  windows will show you all the photo programs on your pc that you can use to edit photographs.
click on the program you would like to use:

opening a photo with microsoft picture manager; in the upper left hand corner of the program, see 'file', 'edit', 'view', 'PICTURE'. highlight 'PICTURE' with your cursor and you will see the option to 'ROTATE AND FLIP':

opening a photo with windows photo gallery; rotate options are at the bottom right of the program; 'rotate left', 'rotate right':

opening a photo with windows photo viewer; rotate options are at the bottom center of the program; 'rotate counterclockwise', 'rotate clockwise':

any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thanks for this, Riverbee. I'm one of the habitual sideways picture posters. Maybe this info will help to reform me.

thanks for your post rc! anything i can do to help out.  know this gets frustrating for members as well. 

to fix pictures, there is nothing 'magical' here on the forum, we have to download the photograph to our own pcs, rotate it, modify the post, and re-upload the corrected picture through post image.

but i do have a magic wand that works sometimes for somethings.................just not for smartphone photographs................. :D

my magic wand is not appearing because photobucket is now charging to host photographs.........not paying em.......


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