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A simple and concise explanation of keeping bees by Jerry Freeman

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this is about the best full description of beekeeping in it's most simple terms.  the author is the person who sells the freeman beetle trap..

also pdf file attached:

In today’s world of Beetles and Mites
by Jerry Freeman

Tec- this is great! I have a friend that has inquired about beekeeping. I'll just print this off for him.

Thanks tec  :)

That is wonderful.  Thanks for posting, Tec.

Has anyone read this link yet? I've been reading it today. Printed it off with my handy yellow marker ready. This is page 7 of this link.

See Queen Cells?
Bees will build Queen cells to supercede (replace) an old or failing Queen. Bees will build
Queen cells in an emergency – maybe you killed her during the last inspection. Bees will build
Queen cells so they can swarm. Bees will usually build only a few supercedure or emergency
cells on the face of the comb. Swarm cells are usually built near the bottom of the combs and
may number over a dozen.

I Thought.... that the supercedure cells on the face of the comb were the swarm cells. That these were built in a hurry.

And the cells that run across the bottom of the frame were to replace a failing queen, and not so much in a hurry but to be prepared for when a new queen was needed?


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