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Do you think I have enough crocks.  You don't see a complete set very often.  This is a complete set of western stoneware crocks  with exception of the larger no 40, 50, and 60,  That we are still looking for.  My great great grand father was raised in Monmouth Illinois where these was made.  The same small town and time period  wyatt earp and his brothers hail from. My grandfather enlisted in the Illinois regiment to fight in the civil war as did wyatts older brothers.  After the war  he settled in my hometown of Ottawa Kansas.  It took over 10 years to put this collection together finally finding the no 4 last week

I think collections are one of the most satisfying things going, and yours is no exception riverrat.
The journey that collectors take is probably more interesting than much of the stuff they actually collect. It can take years as some folks patiently wait and scour the countryside, looking for that elusive piece or two. Finding it is almost anticlimactic.
The bonus is that it can also be quite lucrative! :)

Wandering Man:
Very nice!

rat you don't have enough..........and btw PRETTY COOL COLLECTION!!!

ps, loved the USMC sign and the family pix next to your collection, great photo!


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