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Nugget Shooter:
someone already got it done Perry, thanks.....


--- Quote from: Nugget Shooter on February 23, 2017, 09:09:10 am ---made my donation and glad to help! But I used wrong button and no support banner, can you still add it for me  :-\

--- End quote ---

I added it for you,  however by not using the subscribe feature you will not get a reminder email when it expires, it will just disappear.

Nugget Shooter:
ok I guess that will remind me  ;D

Have always tried to support this place, WILL be doing so again. Money well spent!

This program has been suspended. We have gone back to the donation button at the top of the page. This program was not as successful as the donation button, so we have back tracked. If anyone wants a refund since the sponsor tag is gone from your profile, just ask and I will do so.


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