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Beekeeping Basics;  this an excellent pdf file (link below the pic) for any new beek or for those who desire a refresher. if you feel like this sometimes:.......( :D )

link to the pdf file as of Oct 5, 2015:
Penn State Beekeeping Basics

also i have uploaded the file, click on the 'paper clip' below. 

then read this great pdf file from penn state university:


the colony and it's organization
beekeeping equipment
starting with bees
colony management
managing maladies (pests, diseases, and control)
honey production and processing
handling beeswax and pollen trapping
floral sources

Check out the in depth contents from above described and pdf, lot's of great info:

this pdf is about 102 pages, but the nice thing about pdf files, print off the pages you want, or what i do sometimes is put the file on a flash drive and take it to my local printer, and have them print it off for me, saves my printer, and ink!


Very Cool! Thanks for Sharing!

Good resource, thanks River.

badly stung:
Link didn't work.

Here is a link to where you can purchase the full manual
This is a link to the 14 page sample
Like your user name badly stung and welcome to the forum and letting us know that Penn State changed there web sit and it broke the link


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