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Hive tool hygiene

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Wandering Man:
I was looking for the thread on looking into other beeks hives, couldn’t find it easily and decided to just ask the question here.

How do you clean your hive tools? Does your method remove the propolis build up?

Do you just clean to sanitize? What do you use?

Or do you just “lose” the tool in the yard so you can have an excuse to buy a new one?

Mikey N.C.:
Guilty as charged :D. I have a old pot I boil water in and use. The state inspector wipes hers with 99% alcohol ,after each inspection but that's to keep from spreading anything.

Mikey N.C.:
When I first met I'd see. One of his fellow beek friend, a older beek name started with V, used a screwdriver. I asked him why, he said he was tired of losing hive tool's :D

I have a self lighting propane torch for lighting my smoker and cleaning my hive tool.

Green bee:
I seldom go in other apiarys , but if i do i would use theres. In fact someone got on to me one time (not calling any names) for bring mine into there apiary. In my defense i didnt know ant better but he sure let me know that day lol. :yes:


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