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DIY Bottom board


Perry has a great post on this here, but unfortunately the photos have disappeared, so here is my take, hopefully with working photos...

Materials needed:
1x6 6ft long. 
1x8 at least 15-1/4 inch long
Table saw
nails or screws

Cut the 1x6 into 4 pieces, 1 @ 22", 3 @ 15-1/4" on a 6 ft board there will be very little waste.

cut the 1x8 to 15-1/4 length. set aside with other 1x6 of same length.
Rip the 22" piece into 2 pieces that are 1-7/8" wide.  The extra piece can be cut to 14-3/4 length and ripped down to 3/4".  This will be the back part of the bottom board.

Next dado a groove 3/4" wide 3/4 from the top (3/8" from the bottom) on each of the 22" pieces.

This is where the 15-1/4" pieces will go, so it would be a good idea to dry fit them to make sure the dado is wide enough.

Next, rabbit the long edges of the 15-1/4" stock - 2 pieces will have to be done on both sides.   Make sure the rabbits are exactly 1/2 the width of the board so when they fit together, both ends are flush.

3/8" should be 1/2 way - you may want to test this depth on the scrap left over from the 1x6 to make sure you have it right...

once the rabbits have been cut, you are ready for assembly!  lay out your pieces in the order you want them, then glue the groves and slide each 15-1/4 board into the 22" pieces.

Nail or screw the bottom boards to the 22" pieces to keep them in place.  Attach the now 14-3/4"x3/4" to an end to complete the assembly.

Fancy!  here is the lazy cheap way...   I just use ripped boards and plywood.. some over six years old and still going...   We need to get together, I will bring the camera and do videos of you building the components.. provided you still have any of that fancy rum left?

Several varieties- my friends hooked me up for my birthday, and I am working my way through them...

NOT to sidetrack the thread.. but was gifted 15 year old Bumbu rum....  only rum I definitely like better than the Captain atm! I DO have to come visit...  Postponed all the stuff my cousin and I wanted to do when we retired, and he went and died before we could fulfill those plans...   Life only comes around once man!

Indeed! Sorry to hear about your cousin...  you are welcome here any time!


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