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Cumberland County Beekeepers Association opportunity "Making Nucs to Over-winter

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This Tennessee Beekeeping Association is offering a free presentation. All are welcome to watch the presentation on the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association Facebook page.
This will be live October 13, 2020 7:00p.m. Eastern Time.

Ohio State Beekeepers Association President Peggy Garnes joins us to present "Making Nucs to Over-winter".  Peggy lives in Medina County, Ohio with her husband, Chuck and has been keeping bees for over 20 years. She belongs to 6 county associations, an Ohio queen rearing group, is a life member of EAS and OSBA and a sideliner member of ABF.
At the Medina County Beekeepers Association, she started her beekeeping journey with membership and helped out with refreshments, then held the 3-year position as Director, one year as Vice-President and 5 years as President. She currently just finished 3 years as Fair Chairperson for the club at the Medina County Fair. She has been the OSBA Regional Representative for the Western Reserve Region and the EAS Ohio Representative.
Peggy produces nucs and raises queens, runs well over 100 hives and enjoys teaching queen rearing classes, beginner and intermediate classes. She is active in speaking at churches, schools and civic groups educating the public about the honeybees.
IMPORTANT - Zoom presentation will be simulcast on FaceBook at and at the TVBA FaceBook page.  Zoom broadcast is for members of our sponsoring clubs only.  All are invited to the FaceBook simulcast.  Please note the FaceBook simulcast will not be monitored for questions of our guest speaker

I am being forced into work... do you know if this will be recorded?

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Sorry Zweefer, I don't see anything written about recording the presentation.  If you go to the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association Facebook page, you might be able to ask a question in the comment section.

This presentation was very good! The speaker was so easy to listen to and full of facts and info.  It is going to be edited and then posted on You Tube.  To know when it is posted check the Cumberland County Beekeepers Facebook page.  The presenter, Peggy Garnes, with her husband sell nucs and queens.  She has the process of creating nucs and overwintering them down pat and is treatment free.  She is in Medina, Ohio, so she gets some cold winters there.  Based on what she eluded to, her queens produce at least 3 years.  She tells people that are planning on replacing her queens to send them back to her.

Glad to hear they are willing to share it!  Thanks for the heads up on this bakers!

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