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Hello all,
I've been lurking around as a guest for about a week.  I stumbled upon this forum and I recognized a lot of names from the Beemaster forum.  I'm quite happy over there, but I see that there are several members here with some expertise in different areas that I'm interested in, namely cooking with honey, using hive products medicinally, crafting with wax, and native bees and other pollinators.  I'm entering my 4th year of keeping honey bees, and I have 4 hives currently, soon to be split to 8 hopefully.  For those of you on Beemaster as well, hopefully you won't mind me duplicating posts on both forums.  Also, the smileys are way better over here, which I'm abnormally excited about!  ;D       

Welcome to the forum! We are a friendly bunch so don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute answers.

Thanks!  You all do seem quite friendly, from reading your posts!  Oh, I love the "Thank" button on this forum too.  Saves a lot of space so people don't just post "Thanks" and nothing else.  :)  If I'm being totally honest, another reason I joined was I was glad to see more women on this forum.  Nothing against men, actually most of my friends are men, but sometimes it's just nice to see a more feminine side to things.  That and I had to complete a security puzzle reCAPTCHA every time I used the search engine!  :D     

Glad to see you here. Welcome .

Hey, Wally.  So you are an admin here, nice.  8)


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