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Outer cover covering

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Not really sure if this belongs here or in general, but I will post here as it is close to other DIY items...
I am wondering what everyone who does not use flashing (Metal) for their telescoping cover tops, what do you use instead?

I do this for migratory covers, not telescoping tops, but I've been using that clear-coat polyurethane stuff from Minwax as an extra layer of protection for my painted tops.  It's not great, and they still need to be redone every couple of years, but it's better than just paint for me.  And it helps to keep the tops from molding.   

Just paint

yeah, the tops I have that dont have metal on them are painted,and like 15 said, they do need touched up every two or three years. 

I found this thread about someone using DeckOver.  I remember rober saying that he fabricated metal covers and his comments about that are in this thread too.
rober checks in from time to time or you can send him a PM.


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