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NEVER EVER EVER believe a caller about how high up a swarm is

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title says it all.

Or,  caller..."They're just up the bank a bit" ... he said

me ... "Hi Bob, I would be happy to help you check your hive"

Wandering Man:
Nor should you believe them when they tell you how long the bees have been there.

“Just a couple of days.” = A really big, well established colony.

Another fact to it really honey bees or some other flying insect?
Pictures are always good to ask for.  Almost everyone has a cell phone these days.

Wandering Man: "Just a couple of days." = they could relocate at any moment too!

And don't believe them when they tell you how absolutely enormouss the swarm is.  From my experience,  swarms tend to be about one third of their  described size. 
Non  professional beekeepers seem to have magnifying glasses in their eyes whe they see a swarm.


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