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Steps of the Honey Harvest


We did so many ponds this year, and built last fall, plus redid my floors, I've forgotten how to harvest honey. I haven't forgotten when. It's time.

Going to dig my empty buckets out of the bee shed, break out the extractor, bring the utility table in from the garage.... we had a good flow, I haven't been in the hives since Maybe March????  Then it was a peek, see eggs, add feed jar, wish luck. 

We've had a great flow.  So wish me luck.  And if there is a sticky for the steps, could you post a link?

Not a bad idea...
Is there any member here who wants to create the thread?
I think it would be a good one to sticky on the beekeeping 101 forum.

I'll have a go at it, but don't have a ton of time before we move on to the next site (backpacking across door county at the moment).

Great idea for this winter if someone has time. 

Gypsi, I did my version in Beginning Beekeeping and BK has a video listed from the year before.

Thank you Rast  I will take a look. I have one day off during pond cleanups, and that is today


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