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Making Taper Candles Out Of Sheet Wax


Any suggestions on how to make sheet wax for beeswax candles? I would like to use my own wax, so I'll need a mold of sort. There are silicone molds now but they are so expensive ~

Just some thoughts Jen, candle molds are very expensive.  They are an investment.  Did you check with Mann Lake?  They are considered to carry the best quality candle molds and I have to agree from the limited exposure I have had.  Silicone molds are easier to use than metal molds.  Mann Lake charges $25.00 for 10 sheets of rolling wax.  They won't ship them in the heat of summer.  What do you charge for your candles? and how many would you have to sell to make your money back?

I like to read the reviews.  In this case 11 people loved it or hated it.   I found this one too.  Customers rated it a little higher.

Your husband is handy.  I wonder if he could take plastic foundation and make a lip of some kind. Another sheet of plastic foundation applied to the top would give you the texture on both sides.  I envision the wax cooling off before you got it all poured.  You would have to work in a warm room maybe? 


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