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Bee story takes a big turn

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Yesterday we had nice weather, bees flying, sun was shining.  I decided to check on some colonies I have in a rural area on someone else's property.  They have a mini farm with a menagerie of various animals.  I can hear turkeys, geese, ducks, cattle, shetland pony, sheep, miniature donkey, a pair of llamas, and a camel.  As it happened the owners let all the animals out in the pasture to enjoy the weather while they worked.  I arrived, latching the gate behind me like I always do.  I got out of the truck and put on my hooded bee suit.  I didn't have the hood on, just hanging on the back of my neck.  I looked up and there was the very curious camel, Casper.  It was eating a sandbag in the back of my truck.  I was surprised to see him and a little nervous.  I don't trust him.  Casper is too curious and moves very fast.  He's also big!
I tried to light the smoker.  In the past I have given him a few puffs and he leaves me alone.  It was too windy and he was too much in my business to get the smoker lit.  About this time the llamas came over to see what is going on.  One muzzled me and the camel began acting territorial.  The llamas backed off but the camel became aggressive and was circling me.  That led to ripping the hood off of my suit and bumping me.  I was stumbling and trying to keep on my feet.  I feared that if I went down I would be trampled.  At that point is took a big bite on my upper arm!  I screamed and got him off of me so I could get in the truck.  He followed and wanted in with me.  I hit him a couple of times with the door then I fished around for the keys in my pant's pockets.  He briefly kneeled down and then went to the front of the truck and was biting around the headlight!  (He took off the paint) I was in reverse by this time, laying on the horn.  That didn't bother Casper, he followed.  I turned around and headed to the gate.  Casper was nose to nose with the truck.  I got to the latched gate and waited.  He finally lost interest and walked away.  I waited until he was WAY back, got out and opened the gate and got out of there! 

I let the owners know what happened and asked them to look for the hood, which I think is ruined.  At one point he was eating a glove, but somehow I managed to get home with both gloves.
I made everyone's day at Urgent Care today.  They will have something to talk about for weeks!
Diagnosis:  No broken bones, antibiotic prescribed, and no rabies treatment needed.  They did contact the authorities as required by law.  I feel bad about that. 
In the future I will call in advance so that the camel remains in the barn.

I'll check on the bees next weekend when we are expected nice weather again.

Wow, sure am glad all I have to contend with are nosey horses. Glad you are semi OK.

Well that's one of the craziest bee stories I ever heard!  You don't hear too many that end with a camel bite!  :-\

Baker! That story takes the cake :) I have to admit I was chuckling while reading, but so relieved that it ended without any injuries or worse. Whew! ~hugs~

Thanks for the well wishes.  My husband found a big bruise on my back that I was unaware of.  Another surprise. I am glad I am on the antibiotic.  The swelling has gone down considerably. 
I thought the camel might have been rutting because of some of the things it did and the time of year.  I did some searching on Google, so you know it had to be true.  Ha!  The owner says the camel is neutered.


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