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Karma give away for May 2022

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I feel it is fitting for the first karma give away back after a long hiatus should be a brand new, custom made in your size and color Worldwide Beekeeping shirt!

I just received the logos, and have access to all the equipment, so I will print a shirt for the lucky winner!
To get an idea of the shirts, here is an ugly model, a handsome model and a poor guy without a cool shirt…

Anyhow. If interested, reply below and at the end of the month, I will randomly generate a winner!

Am I allowed to post 100 replies and rig the odds in my favor?  ;D

How are we supposed to respond?


--- Quote from: admin on June 22, 2015, 08:43:46 am ---What is KARMA?

It is a random FREE give away to benefit those who contribute to forum community.  It is also a way for members to give back to the forum community.
How it works:
To be eligible you must have made 20 posts before the start of the KARMA give-away.
To enter, you must reply to the KARMA give-away post.
Only one entry per person,  if you reply more than once, only the first reply will count.
On or after MONTH/DAY , at a time of their choosing, the giver will use to pick a winner.  It will go by "reply #" as defined by the forum.
Giver will contact the winner by Private Message and the winner has 24 hours to PM them back with their address,  otherwise another person will be chosen.
Once the winner has responded back to the giver, the giver will announce the winner, along with a screen capture from, in the KARMA give-away post.
Must be US or Canadian resident.

--- End quote ---
So I will run the numbers after 3 so as to not give you two an unfair advantage  O:-)

All you need to do is reply to this post with an affirmative that you are in. only one post per giveaway.  that simple.   
Winner will be PM'd for color preferences, style, and address so I can ship it once printed (2-3 day turnaround).

Ooooo, oooooo, me! Me me! Ted


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