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So I recently went in with a friend of mine on some printing equipment (DTF, Silk Screen, and Sublimation), so now we are having to learn the ins and outs of the process.
This entails everything from design to the actual printing.

Anyhow, here is one I came up with yesterday - it is a list of the crops pollenated by honeybees (according to Wikipedia that is).

It will be printed on a shirt for sure (as I want one), but may try to scale to see how small I can go - might blow it up to a poster as well, who knows?

I also redid our logo for the local Keepers Association

Once I get these down, I will work on shirts for us here...

That pollination crop one is super cool!  My only complaint is that "Peach" is too large.  It takes over the design too much, as if peaches are somehow the most important crop.  If that was more equal in size to the other large-fonted crops, I'd buy that shirt in a heartbeat. 

do you have a crop you like more?  The software that sets it up picks one at random unless I dictate what word it should be...

Here is another, generated at random....

This one changes the direction of the words:

here is random directions:

I added the word pollination as the focus for this one:

Or if we are going with the idea that the most important is the largest...  ;)

I am genuinely curious what you would think best as the larger word?  I never really gave it any thought until you said something...

And what exactly do you have against peaches?  :o

I was able to tweak the size after all - see, a learning process!  :eusa_dance:

The only downside is that now some words need to be repeated to fill in the gaps - not really noticeable unless someone is staring at your shirt for a long time...


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