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Good tree or bad tree?

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NO!!  HAVE WE NOT LEARNED THIS LESSON YET??  Kudzu, Asian carp, mongoose and rosy wolfsnails in Hawai'i, the list goes on and on.  I don't have that much of a problem with it from a beekeeping perspective, as that hole in the nectar flow should be fillable with something else, but PLEASE STOP INTRODUCING NON-NATIVE SPECIES ON PURPOSE ON THE GROUNDS THAT THEY WILL SUPPOSEDLY ERADICATE ANOTHER INVASIVE SPECIES!!  WHEN HAS THIS PLAN EVER WORKED?!!!  :no:

Agree with 15....

   It isnt a good thing at all, but it happened...  So here we are. We have anacondas in the everglades, Iguanas in the keys, Zebra muscles. Asian Carp in our rivers...   There are several other examples...  (Snakeheads in the patomic, great lakes etc..)  Fight it, make the attempt, and if that fails? We have to live with the results, good, bad or indifferent.   

I submit to you the asian beetles they introduced here to take care of the aphids.  They are now the base of our existence  every spring and fall.

" the insects selected are “unable to feed and sustain a population on other plants in North America,"   never believe they can't adapt. Sound similar to Florida's attempt to eradicate Brazilian Pepper with bugs that have already been released. 


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