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A power company was expanding there lines through a very inhospitable region of Nova Scotia. The area was too rough for big machinery and the poles would have to be set by muscles. Two families of 6 brothers had applied for the job and a contest was to be used to award the job.
Bright and early both teams of brother headed out.
Darkness fell and one team of brothers staggered in.
The manager asked them how many poles they had set. 12 was the answer, and the manager was amazed. "Why, that almost a pole and hour! I have never heard of that many poles set in a day!

Just then the other team of brothers rolled in.
The manager asked the big question. 3 was the answer, and the manager erupted! 3 only 3? What did you do take the afternoon off? Do you know how many those guys set?
"Ya" broke in the oldest brother of the team....." and did you see how much they left sticking out of the ground?"

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Re: Powerline
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I know which team Perry was on.   :laugh:
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Re: Powerline
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I knew it was gonna be rough as soon as I saw "Nova Scotia."  :D
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