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The forgotten sex Zoom presentation
« on: January 08, 2024, 11:55:01 am »
Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program, out of the University of Nebraska, has been hosting Hap-Bee Hour get togethers for several years.  This month the speaker will be Garret Slater, a post doctoral fellow for the USDA.  He will be speaking about the importance of Drones. if you are interested in attending.  I would recommend getting on their email notification list as they have a lot of good speakers and topics they present in this once a month event.
Hap-Bee hour started as an opportunity to bring beekeeping questions and have them answered by Dr. Judy Wu-Smart and others.  They still offer Q & A but have added guest speakers.  As the name Hap-Bee Hour suggests be prepared to tell everyone what you are drinking.