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Calendar & Events / Re: Apple Day in Tunas, Missouri
« Last post by brooksbeefarm on Today at 11:51:40 am »
B13, i don't know but, they look like the ones you buy at the super markets to me? Some get damaged in shipping/hauling ? but you pick out the apples you want. The price this year is going to be .36 cents a pound, This is a Mennonite store called Dutch Market, 417-993-3017. They will have Honeycrisp, Red&Yellow Del.,Johnathon, Cortland, Jonagold, Meintosh, Fyji, Empire, & Granny Smith, apples.
General Beekeeping / When Bees Run Out Of Sugar In The Winter
« Last post by Jen on Today at 11:27:44 am »
Way back when on this forum, I remember reading that if your bees have run out of honey are dependent on the sugar foods that are given to them in the winter, that if that food source runs out, the bees will only live for 4 more days? Does that still stand true?
General Beekeeping / Re: Pollen
« Last post by Mikey N.C. on Yesterday at 10:48:45 pm »

Hope that's rite pics?
To add to what Riverbee said if you just copy the post title and past it here we can click on the link and it will take us to the post so we can fix it.
General Beekeeping / Re: Moving Bees To New Location This Time Of Year
« Last post by Bakersdozen on Yesterday at 03:56:37 pm »
Apis posted just moments before me.  Here's my two cents worth.
Try not to move them when they are clustered.  If possible, arrive before daylight, close off the entrance with screen or similar, and then move them as the day warms up.  It sounds like those colonies will have to be closely watched for emergency feed.  I would guess they don't have excess honey.  Considering the circumstances, moving now is your best option.  You can choose the time of day.  :)
General Beekeeping / Re: Moving Bees To New Location This Time Of Year
« Last post by apisbees on Yesterday at 03:54:23 pm »

It is a good time to move the hives. closer to home makes it easier to monitor and to feed when they need more. It gets cool in the afternoons so you do not need to wait until night for the bees to head back to the hives. in the late afternoon if you move the hives with out all the bees back in the hive the ones left will be old field bees that are near the end of their life. or go early in the morning and screen them in before they start to fly. just avoid the early afternoon when the new young bees are doing their orientation flights.
Thanks Apisbees very much appreciated.  As predicted it all becomes clear now  :laugh:

This method seems to be quite common in the USA more so than in the UK.  Is there a book or further reading/watching (youtube etc) I can go to, to leaern more?

Thanks all

General Beekeeping / Re: Moving Bees To New Location This Time Of Year
« Last post by Some Day on Yesterday at 12:32:48 pm »
Move them after dark.  Field bees will home. 
General Beekeeping / Moving Bees To New Location This Time Of Year
« Last post by Jen on Yesterday at 11:55:36 am »
A new beekeeper this year has his bee yard about an hour from where he lives. He has found out that he cannot tend to the hives as much as he should due to their distant location. I would like to suggest that he move the bees to his land near town as soon as possible so he can watch them more closely this winter. We here on the California coastline are desparetly lacking winter stores so we will be feeding continuously all winter long.

These two hives are one deep brood box each, no supers of honey. We did an inspection 2-3 weeks ago, both are queened, capped brood present, some honey. We are doing the first OA treatment today.

Temps are 30-40 nights, 65 average days.

Is this a good time to move bees to a new location? There isn't any more food where he lives than where the hives are presently. They are not in cluster yet.

Bee News / Re: Dicamba ~ weedkiller and more.....
« Last post by riverbee on Yesterday at 11:02:06 am »

 1 1/2 -2 yrs. ago when working in Charleston s.c. near the Angel Oak tree. (commercial for insurance company)
Clemson University has a bioengeneering
school where they grow different crops, well they had a community type garden (vegetable and flower garden)  they had a community apiary with 15-20 hives i posted pics. Can't now lost pics."

FYI, your pix are back on these threads, check it out, so not lost anymore!

Angel Oak

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