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Win 10 Networking Issue?

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mr. rb recently purchased a new laptop with win 10.  i am the pc geek in the household and have been getting it set up and files migrated over.
my laptop is win 7, and his old one is vista.  i also wanted to set up file/folder/printer sharing. this is normally very easy.

for some reason, the win 10 laptop does not 'see' all devices/computers on our home network, but both the vista laptop and win 7 laptop 'see' the win 10?
each laptop has the appropriate settings for networking, file/folder and printer sharing...........all on. 

i went to migrate his files and wanted to do so across the network, no can do, and what a PITA, to move everything by flash drive.  i have fooled with this off and on now for 3 days, and cannot figure this one out?  i googled this, and it seems this is a common problem with win 10.

anyone here with win 10 experience this issue?  if so, what did you do, or what can you suggest to resolve it? 

thanks in advance!

LOL! hmmm hide in plain sight?

sometimes, somethings are just too SIMPLE for a COMPLICATED geek brain................... :D :D :D

in NETWORK, in the menu, VIEW, HIDDEN ITEMS, check that box................ :D...................

I got a couple good friends in the shrine that are IT guys in big Corporations.  The number one question the get asked about computers outside of work is.  How do I get windows 10 off my computer and re install 7.  I just ordered a new lap top for program in the shop.  The first thing I had done was have windows 7 professional installed.  What I have heard of 10 it ranks right up there with Vista.  I have a Laptop with windows 8 and cant stand it.  I use it has a stereo to stream music in the shop  :D

As sad as it is to say, I am the current computer geek in the family...   Win 10 was installed on the laptop, and promptly uninstalled...  the hard drive wiped and win 8.1 re installed..    I DO NOT LIKE win 8.1.. I have a HORRIBLE time trying to find the files I need, but have managed so far...  Win 10 disrupted SO MANY of the programs and files I use on a daily basis that it was ABSOLUTELY TRASHED within the first fifteen minutes of attempting to use it...  I will switch to Win 10 again when they have some of the issues/bugs dealt with. Until then I am VERY happy with 8.1...     I even looked up instructions on how to block Win 10 updates and notifications and applied them...     Of course, if it was up to me, I would keep XP or even win 95.. at least with those systems I can find what I need.

Agreed Scott... I miss XP as well. Will be buy myself a new lap very soon and it will has win 10 whether I Like it or not.

Hubby is the comp geek in our house. He'll have his work cut out for him training me  ???


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