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Last Sunday morning, I was on the way to check some hives and I get a call from a friend.  He says, hey did you all get that rain last night? Yep, pretty good one, I replied. No, we have been washed off at the head of the river. No we didn't get that, but thanks for the heads up.

I had been up until 3 am, waiting on the first hope to return from the Senior Prom. He's the kid that if anything can happen, it will.  But for once he pulled it off without any major problem .  At least I haven't heard of anything yet.  So I was a little groggy, trying to think of anything in the low bottoms I needed to move.

Call Dad, he had just returned from making the morning round of the cows.  Last years heifer had her second one last night, looks like a midget but it had sucked.  I get home and he said she left it in the bottom hidden and everything else had moved up higher and the river was starting to get out.  We finally found it.  What do you want to do?  Why don't you just pick it up and put it on the fourwheeler and take it up to higher ground.

Sometime around the time I was swinging my leg over the seat it must have woke up. and put up a fight so hard it got loose.  It hit the ground and ran like I never saw one run before. It ran for over one half of a mile, into the backwater.  Then it swam out into the current bawled three times and drowned before my eyes.  I just stared in shock, Dad was speechless. He finally uttered something along the lines of if it was that wild we did didn't need it on the place. Wind picks up, clouds roll in and rain changes to hail before I can get home.

Wednesday morning I get a call at school, mom never calls so I get worried.  Want to hear some good news? That calf is back with its momma like nothing happened.  I went first thing to see it with my own eyes when I got home. It was it, and it kept a close eye on me as I idled by. 

Now my question,  It's got the running down, hades of a swimmer, if I can get it on a bicycle we are triathlon bound.  Maybe one did jump over the moon  :D

Yaaay! A Dunkel story! Enjoyed reading that this nice warm pre-summer evening  ;)

Funny story!  :)

Leave them alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind. Thats all of it I remember.

Glad the story had a happy ending. Your dad may have a supercalf on his hands! :)


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