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Fox with mange.

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Had this poor fox slowly walk across the road in front of me. I could tell it wasn't well. I took a couple quick pics and then contacted DNR. They said to send them the pics as there had been a couple other similar reports in that area. Hopefully they will try and live trap a few and treat them at Hope's.


Hope they can help the little guy. Around here, anytime one sees a nocturnal critter in daytime it is a sure sign they are ill.

A couple of years ago I saw a bobcat that was ill (starving) due to the massive amount of snow. It was live trapped, brought to Hope's and survived. A total of 5 were brought to her but only 2 survived, the other 3 were too far gone. :sad:

I see a lot of it here, its mother natures way of thinning down a high fox population. Usually see it in late winter and spring, during breeding so they are spreading it through out the population. Sometimes half the population here has it and they go half bald with itching and scabs and freeze/ succumb to the elements.

There is no" balance of nature", its feast or famine with population swings in both directions.

Chip Euliss:
Mange is something humans introduced many many years ago as a control for wolves.  It's been with us ever since.


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