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Wanted to Buy: Package or Nuc

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Lost my bee's to robbing last fall, looking to replace.
I would like to purchase either a package (~3lb.) and marked queen, or a small Nuc with same. Run Deep's for the Hive body.
I live near Knoxville, TN. Will drive a couple hours to meet, or quote shipping to 37763.


- Kevin

Check with your local bee club. Knox county bee keepers.

I'm a member of the one south of here (Cherokee Beekeepers), and they are doing packages from an apiary in GA like last year (where I got mine). Wanted to try a different source, thought I would check here... I suspect Knox County is getting the same bee's. Thanks though.

I believe the Ga bees cover most of the south. If you want something different this year pay a little more and get a local nuc. Your paying for quality and a jumpstart on the season and a local queen. Not much more for the value. My 2 cents.

kevin, what did you wind up doing for bees this year?


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