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Anyone in the Nashville TN area interested in buying some used 8 frame med equipment? Have several complete hives, used. Just need repainting. Also have a couple of new, unassembled 8 frame med hives as well. Got a complete Nicot Queen rearing system, never used as well as extra accessories for it. Got an Owens Bee Vac, used 3 times. Got some misc items, smokers, hive tools, new hive top feeders. Also have a couple 10 frame deep hives as well. Health won't let me keep as many hive as I want to. Now I need the room more.

If interested, email me at for questions & prices.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about your health problems, beeman.  That's too bad.

best wishes to you beeman

Thank you all for you kind words & wishes. Problems not life threatening, but will mean not being able to handle as many hives as before. For a crusty old beekeeper like me though, that hurts.   :-X


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