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DIY Langstroth - Only tool power tool needed is a table saw! (except frames)


We had a request to put up some easy instructions on woodenware, so that is what this series of posts is intended to do.

All components (except frames) can be made with very few tools - in fact the only power tool needed is a table saw!
Other tools I use to help are a miter saw, and a brad nailer, but these are not strictly necessary. the cuts can be made on the table saw, and you could screw or hammer finishing nails in by hand...

I have posted how I do things - this does not mean it is the only way to do it.  There are a few places where my method diverts from the traditional way of building the hive components.  If I find time, I will construct these parts in the traditional way as well and update the links accordingly.

For those who do not want to read every post, I have attached my cheat sheet I use when building... I make no guarantees on them, as it is basically crib notes, but if you find them helpful, good on 'ya!.

Langstroth Hive Components:

Bottom Board
Slatted Rack
Inner Cover - LazyBkpr style
Telescoping (outer) cover

If I am missing something, or you would like to see something added, feel free to reply here or drop me a PM, and I'll do what I can.

I added a few links to my site to the individual posts.  I usually do things the lazy, easy and cheap way if I can. So there is a lot of room to do things better than how I do it, but it is a start!  What most people need is a TedH who will come over and paint the stuff they are building!

Thanks for doing that!
For those who haven’t checked out the outyard, I would highly recommend it!  Should be a sponsor link to the right on the main page...


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