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Should we trap the beaver out of our pond?


Grandma Bear:
There is a beautiful pond behind the house and we all enjoy it so much....our bee yard is on the north end of the pond just a quick hike out the back door and up the hill. These last few weeks we've noticed a couple of beaver playing in there and they seem to be quite content and not interested in leaving. I've heard that they are terrible for ponds and can destroy the dam...which in our case would likely completely wash out the road beneath the dam. So should we try to kill them? What are the best ways to trap them? Just fyi, if we get them my friend who is a fabulous taxidermist will mount them for us  8)

Is it legal?  Probably so if they are destroying your dam.  I would contact the state wildlife agency and ask their advice.  I think they are other ways to control them other than killing them.  That should be a last resort.(My opinion)

Grandma Bear:
They are in season here. So far we can't see that they have caused any damage but we have been told by nearby farmers how horribly a small family of beaver can damage a pond. My son in law is going to talk to our local conservation agent but so far he has been difficult to contact.

Yet, haven’t caused any damage yet. They will cut down lots of trees if they stay, drag lots of debris in the water if you fish(it could be structure, it could be snagged lines).
Are you sure they are not muskrats swimming in the pond?

What .30 said.. they will cut down even the largest trees nearby and pull the branches into the pond to feed on in the winter when the pond is iced over. They will dig a den or build one and that too is messy....   I have trapped a few ponds to remove the beavers, and it usually takes an excavator to CLEAN the pond once they are gone....     Muskrats arent much better, they will dig dens..  if they do that in your dam you risk the dam failing..  dams in other areas will eventually collapse...  I have low spots I have had to fill because of this in my pond...


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