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Darned tree branches and fence lines!

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Grandma Bear:
We went out to check the cows, and double check fences on the other side of the land where we let the cattle summer. SO many branches down on the fence lines that my poor Stihl farmboss is going to be working double and triple time for a little bit now. Our neighbors to the north see no need to maintain their trees along the fence so we end up dealing with a lot of branches. I am completely shocked at how many hours the SIL and I are going to be out there this year though. I guess the upside is that we found several awesome places to hang swarm traps!

Send your neighbor a registered letter explaining the damage done by their trees. Tell them they need to remove all trees doing the damage yearly, or they will be billed for the damage next year and following. Then do it.

Thank you Iddee.  Here, the fence maintenance is required by the people who border it on both sides, outside of the city limits. In most places they DO have some requirements like Iddee said.

Grandma Bear:
We are going to look into the county ordinances about that and see what will be appropriate. Thanks so much for the help!

Be more explicit, Lazy. I think you are liable for damage done by trees, or other possessions, that are on your land everywhere.


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