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Later this month I am returning to the same pollinator garden for a fall event celebrating the migration south of Monarch Butterflies.  We are in the path of the migration.  I am promoting honey bees and taking a back seat to the Monarchs.  The event will be open to the public so I anticipate families attending.  I thought I would approach the educational aspect by talking about what honey bees do in the winter.  "Monarchs migrate south, but what do honey bees do in the winter?"  I am going to take a hive set up: bottom board, 2 brood boxes, frames, inner and outer lid.  I have honey sticks for everyone and some "I heart honey bees" stickers.  I might promote fall planting for spring nectar and pollen sources.  Any suggestions?  Do you have a better ideas on an area to focus on?  Native bees will be represented by someone else.

Have you ever used an observation hive at an event or considered one?


--- Quote from: RAST on September 13, 2021, 08:33:08 am ---Have you ever used an observation hive at an event or considered one?

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An observation hive would be a great asset for this event.  I am considering asking a local handy beekeeper to make me one this winter.  It looks like a briefcase.
I have ordered this  I will use this as a visual aide to explain how the cluster functions in the winter.  I think that will help kids understand the winter cluster.

The weather for this event yesterday was perfect.  Unfortunately the crowd was very small.  The kids were amazing.  My theme was "What do Honey Bees do in winter?"  Always a favorite with the little ones, I supplied plastic foundation, crayons, and 8x17 paper so the kids can color and create their own honey comb. Everyone likes honey sticks! Some people picked up pamphlets from the National Honey Board. The best part of the day was our own grandkids stopping by.

What a great idea to do crayon rubs with the plastic foundation!  That is so simple and engaging for little ones. 


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