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This is all kinds of messed up


I imagine there is insurance involved but I hate to see living things suffer needlessly.

Assuming these were packages.   Let’s say 2lbers.   At 5 mil bees conservative estimates would put it at 715 packages.
As for bees “escaping” I guarantee they were just hangers on.  So sad to see.

The starving part confuses me a bit… did they not ship with feed to save weight and thus shipping costs?

Perhaps yukonjeff could help shed some light here?

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from a beekeeping friend.  She works at one of the big delivery companies and everyone there knows she is a long time beekeeper.  The company had called her because they were delivering packages of bees, one of the packages was damaged, and bees were everywhere.  The delivery service was willing to let insurance handle the loss and did she want the rest of the packages?  She offered me and another couple as many as we could take.  She only had enough equipment for a handful of the packages.  I took two and the other couple took the rest.
By the time she got those packages to me, late at night, the feeder cans were bone dry.  I sprayed the package with sugar water so they would make it through the night. The amount of dead bees in the bottom wasn't bad but they wouldn't have lasted long. I'm happy to report both are doing well now.  Eggs and larvae spotted in both.

I have gotten packages with close to empty cans too.. but I am also going to assume that sitting on the asphalt waiting didn't help.

This is the first I heard of this story. I do know of Sarah and have bought honey from her years ago. I know she buys alot of packages every year.
 I hope she was made good on this sad deal. The airliines should pay up.
 They have feed cans in the packages and can last a few days. I have gotten packages alive over a week in the package.I would guess they heated up and cooked in the sun.


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