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Late Mother’s Day

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We weren’t able to do anything for Mother’s Day last week, so this week is Mother’s Week.

I’ve been showing the girls how to sew some over the last year. Mostly making rifle slings and whatever little project I have.

I decided we would try a quilt for their mom. It has a pattern for everyone on the family. Some Disney and beach stuff for my wife, mermaids and unicorns for the girls and of course there are bees for me. The girls did most of the face tonight and I finished it up after they went to bed.
I was expecting it to take much longer, but about 5 hrs total. The girls probably did a couple hours before they got run off to bed.

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Holy cow thats pretty cool! 

That's great.

Years ago, we kept foster teenagers on an emergency basis. "30 days, that often got stretched."
Making a full sized quilt was a project to pass the time and something they could take wherever they went next.
The kid would cut and sew the top.I would buy the backing, and all would sit at the quilt frame and hand quilt in the Japanese fan design. Then I would bind the border on my commercial binding machine.

Great experiences for all involved.


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