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Title: Pesticide use in your vicinity
Post by: Bakersdozen on March 03, 2018, 10:05:51 am (
This is a government website we can use to see which pesticides are being used, and to what extent, across the U.S.  Clicking on this link will give you a very long list of pesticides that are in use on a yearly basis.  Click on a pesticide and the website gives you data on that pesticide.  You can check 2015 and back.  The pesticide use is located on a map and scrolling down will tell you which agricultural crops it was used on and how much. 
Take Clothianidin, for example because it is a neonicotinoid .  The map shows where concentrated use of Clothianidin occurred in 2015, which is concentrated in certain areas of the country.  Going back to 2014 and so forth reveals a very different picture.  It's scary in fact.  It appears that the use of Clothianidin has been greatly reduced in 2015.  We scroll down and find that Clothianidin is primarily used on corn but also soybeans, and cotton as well as other crops.  Good to know. 
Corn, wheat and soybeans are the major agricultural crops here in KS.  The map shows that Clothianidin has really been reduced in KS, in 2015.  That's reassuring. 
Even though you have to work backwards in a sense, the website is still useful because you see which crops are recently treated with a particular pesticide. So, if you keep bees in canola country, a heavily treated crop, it would be good to know which pesticides are being used.