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needing a good pickle recipe

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I look to make pickles for the first time this year and would like a recipe that makes a good crisp pickle(not a mush one) If they are a zety style that is great!

I like me some pickles! I used to sneak in my grandmas's cellar and eat nearly a whole jar with the juice! Oh, my misery on the way home was evidence of my crime to my mother every time  :'(.  I am sure you need a pickler or thin skinned cuc to begin with.  I don't have a recipe but will be curious to see who coughs one up.  I could never get enough to mature at one time to make it worth my while to process them.

mama, we have a great refrigerator pickle recipe, crunchy, and not mush. will dig it out and post back...

sounds like some claussen kind and those are my favs! if any one has a crisp pantry one i sure could use that too kids eat me outta house and pickle lol

Q: What is the best thing to put on pickles?
A: A Double Disk!  :laugh:

A Reminiscence from when I worked at a Hienz pickle salting station.


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