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If a company buys a few semi loads of vegetables that are fully ripe, and only sell a few in the next few days, what do they do with the rest?  THEY GIVE IT AWAY.

I have access to about 50 baskets of corn, 20 boxes of spaghetti squash, 30 or more boxes of egg plant, okra by the box, cucumbers by the case, and several other veggies.
Two pickup loads so far, and going back Monday. Look out, canners, you are going to be busy.

Oh my! I have always wanted to run into one of those deals.

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No doubt, wow, nice deal!

To add to what Iddee has posted......

Our son just brought us about 30 morrell mushrooms and 15 crappie (cleaned), Know what we will be eating the next few days. 8) Jack


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