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We used to have a peanut processing plant here in my town. They had milar bags of chopped peanuts. I bought one about 5 years ago. I think I remember asking the lady how long they would last and I think she said 3 years. There is no date on the bag and they have not been opened. It's quite a large bag and I don't want to open it unless I can use most of them. Do you think they would still be good?

Open the bag and it will soon be apparent. if they are not any good they will be transient and you will smell and or taste it before you will swallow. If the smell and taste OK then eat them.

Sorry couldn't help myself.

tbone what did you do with the bag of chopped peanuts..........curious mind has to know........... :D
i would have used them to fatten up the local squirrels, blue jays and nuthatches........ ;)

Apis! That vid isn't about peanuts hon....  It's about corn  :laugh:


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