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Hi Everybody,
   Made a couple batches of crab apple jelly today.  It seems rather blasphemous.  I should be having honey on my toast!  But, when best can't be had, next best has to do.  Ted

Looks awesome!!!   You eat the honey I gave you already?   :o

Lazy: I can't really say this nicely and still get the message across...hades YES!  Of course I have!  It's waaay too good to leave sitting around for lord only knows who!  By the way, my fathers wife REALLY enjoyed it and wanted me to thank you for her.  So, if I haven't already, Thanks man!  Ted

hehe, Your very welcome!  The good lord willing there will be a LOT of honey next year so I won't have to stand over it with a loaded gun.

But, But Ted! The bees had to pollinate that crab apple tree.. right! ... And thar ya go ...  ;D


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