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Jelly Anyone?

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jen, not jerky, venny stick, hmmm, like a beef stick.....ya know round things....with lots of flavor!
some of ours we get with cheese in them...mmmm, mmm good!

jalepeno jelly, get out some cream cheese, pour the jalepeno jelly out over the cream cheese, your fav cracker and dip's good!

Oh Yah! we call them beef sticks, or grease sticks, ate alot of those back in the day  :)

lazy shooter:
My son's have venison salami made each year.  It has jalapena pepper and cheese in it.  It is good cold or fried.  I wish my wife liked such stuff.  My old Mexican lady pal makes jerky from beef and venison.  I do keep some of that in the winter.  She can make anything into dried sausage and it is wonderful.  I wish my boys would spend some time with her and learn to put up dried meat.


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