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Jelly Anyone?

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Dang, those look good. Is that maters or jam in them jars in the background?

Looks like sketty sauce ?? I love sketty  :)

Perry:  It's actually the juice that was left over from canning salsa.  It's nice and spicy!  I hear it's GREAT for red beer.  Brother Tommy likes it with vodka.  But then Tommy likes any of our juices with vodka, apple cider, grape juice, tomato juice, heck, I've seen him mix vodka with some of the sour cherry juice!  Yeah, he sure likes his juices!  Here at home my dear sweet wife uses it in chili, goulash etc..

Jen: We'll start canning the bisketi (my granddaughters term) sauce next week.  Funny, we just finished the last 3 jars from last summer on Saturday.

You guys have good eyes!  I didn't even notice them!  I bet no queens EVER get past you!  Ted

Ted- "I bet no queens EVER get past you! 

   Not anymore! saw about 50 of them this last spring!  :D  That was during the swarm/jammie's episode   :D

Did you use honey or sugar as a sweetener in the jelly? if you use honey you need to use the proper pectin so it will set.


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