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Pricing Beeswax and Beeswax candles

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How do you guys/gals price your beeswax and beeswax candles,

I have had some folks wanting to buy my wax. So I just through a number out 15.00 per pound. They didn't blink an eye. 4 maybe 5 lbs gone since last night,  :)

I am also making candles. Should I weight the candles. and charge by how many ounces are in the candle. Some have 3oz, 4oz and 8oz of wax after coming out of the molds. I'm thinking 2.00 per ounce but I am just guessing at this point.

Wha.... !?! Really Yankee!?! You Are Having Too Much Fun This Season, I've had just about enough of this!   :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Having the time of my life Jen.

Oh Wow! Those are beautiful, I have to have one... that is if your selling them retail and into shipping to me again. Name your price  ;)

That's my issue. I'm trying to figure a fair price.

That skep is 8oz. The Honeybee is 4oz. I have a 3rd that is still cooling. It's a Honey Pot, pretty cool.

 I am looking on line and found a skep that is 6oz. they asking13.95

I am thinking 1.50 or 1.75 an ounce on the candles.

Just looking for input at this point.


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