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It is poor practice to append pictures to a post.   Appended items are stored in the WorldwideBeekeeping server space.  Pictures can easily consume the majority of server space and cause the added expense of purchasing additional storage.   It is best to host pictures external to WorldwideBeekeeping and keep our storage for the unique post information.

The forum is set up to make external hosting of pictures as painless as possible.  Above the text input box you will find a link to Add image to post,  which will allow you to upload your picture to and it will automatically place the needed link code into the post box.

Clicking on link will bring up the following upload box.

* Use the Browse button to Select files to upload.
* Resize: Do not resize my image.
* Image content: FAMILY safe.
* Click Upload It! button.

Which will place the following code into the post

1. You can also use the image BBcode to insert pictures of other externally hosted pictures,  ie.  Photobucket, flickr, etc.
1. By default, this will put a clickable thumbnail of your image in the post. (They offer the free hosting by ad revenue from clicking on the thumbnail)  If you prefer to have full size images in your post,  simply preview you post, click on the thumbnail, right click on the full sized image and select copy image URL.  Then replace the auto generated code with the image BBCode and paste the copied image URL.

I tried to print the instructions using the print icon at the bottom of the post ------ no joy.

Can you send me an e-mail with the instructions as an attachment. I can usually print attachments.

Computer nerd.

It is poor practice to append pictures to a post.   Appended items are stored in the WorldwideBeekeeping server space.

oooh!!!   Sorry!!  I didnt realize that!!   I'll go back to Photobucket/links!!!!

  Oh, OK, the add photo to post button IS external.. was worried I was gonna get spanked....     :)

done barbarian, being sent   8)

also i attached here, click on the little paper clip and save the file to your pc. (left hand corner bottom of my post).


Printed the pdf from my inbox. Thanks.       Step 1 completed.        Will move to step 2 when I'm composed.


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