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KARMA Give-Aways


How to start a KARMA give-away thread, and use RANDOM.ORG to select a winner for your KARMA. Paste the following instructions into the body of your post, (from intruction start to instruction end), add what the give-away is for, add a description and or picture/s, choose the length of time you would like the Karma to run. Also, please read the ground rules below the instructions for KARMA give-aways.


What is KARMA?

It is a random FREE give away to benefit those who contribute to forum community.  It is also a way for members to give back to the forum community. 
This Karma's offering is for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. (please add description/details and/or picture/s of the item being given away)

How it works:

* To be eligible you must have made 20 posts before the start of the KARMA give-away.
* To enter, you must reply to the KARMA give-away post.
* Only one entry per person,  if you reply more than once, only the first reply will count.
* On or after MONTH/DAY , at a time of their choosing, the giver will use to pick a winner.  It will go by "reply #" as defined by the forum.
* Giver will contact the winner by Private Message and the winner has 24 hours to PM them back with their address,  otherwise another person will be chosen.
* Once the winner has responded back to the giver, the giver will announce the winner, along with a screen capture from, in the KARMA give-away post.
* Must be US or Canadian resident.
Please use this thread for Karma entry only.

Some ground rules for future KARMAs if anyone is compelled to give back to the forum community.

* Let's try to not have more than one KARMA going at a time, so try to wait until previous KARMA is complete.
* Giver of KARMA covers shipping - lets not get into exchanging funds and the hassles and issues that can come along with that.
* Item does not need to be beekeeping related, but that is always a plus.
* Item does not need to be new, but should be in good shape and usable.  So dig out all those things you purchased and tried and now sits collecting dust.
* Feel free to contact an administrator or moderator if you have questions or need help with a KARMA.

How to use Random.Org to select a winner:
If anyone would like for admin/moderator to complete the peice, please send a pm to ADMIN or Riverbee, we would be happy to help you out with this.


On the home page of RANDOM.ORG, in the top right corner is a 'True Random Number Generator':

In the above example, the 'MIN' value would start with post #2 to your Karma thread (not # 1~don't include your first post), and the MAX value would be the total number of replies to your Karma. in this example, 20 replies.  Once the numbers are entered, select the 'Generate' button, and will give you a random number. Match that number to the 'reply number' on your Karma thread to select your winner.  In this example, the random number generated was '16'.

Verify that the the winning post number is the 'first' reply from this member (one one entry per member). If not, run Random.Org again until a "first" post winner is identified.


On a Windows based p.c. find the 'Snipping Tool', under 'Accessories' in your programs list. Click on it to open it up.

Select a snip type from the menu or click on the 'New' Button:

Choose 'Rectangular Snip':

Select the Random Number Generator Box (draw a square around it with your cursor), and save the screen capture, either by clicking on the 'SAVE' icon, or clicking on 'FILE' and choosing 'SAVE AS' from the drop down menu:

A menu pops up asking where you would like to save your screen capture to your pc. Choose a folder to save it to and where you will remember to find it. 

Contact the winner by private message and give them 24 hours to respond BEFORE posting the winner to the KARMA post announcing the winner.  If they do not respond in 24hrs, use Random.Org to select a new member.

Upload the screen capture to your announcement post as to the winner using Post Image.


Is that bump like fist bump or just a bump ? :laugh:

It's to bring it to the top. I haven't won yet, so I want it to continue until I do.

Of course, I don't play, so it should continue for quite awhile.   :o   ;D


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