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canning, without a waterbath

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I just canned 5 qts of Applesauce-piefilling. I decided to try canning without a waterbath. I placed the jars in the oven, on a cookie sheet. Set the oven at 215 and left them for 30 minutes. All 5 jars sealed.
I have been thinking about the waterbath canning method and the reasoning behind it. I believe it is nothing more than a primitive temperature control. Modern ovens with digital temperature setting should work as well as a waterbath.

Water also controls the rate of temperature change in the jars. Too fast and they explode.

With the oven set at 215, I hope that isn't an issue :eusa_doh:

It is setting either the cold jars on a hot pan or pulling the hot jars out of the oven and off the4 pan and placing them on a cold surface. 

lazy shooter:
I have canned about a million jars of jelly and jam, and I never use a water bath.  I just pour in the jelly or jam and let it set.  Is that what this thread is referring too?


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