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 It seems research leads to learning then learning leads to wanting to try. First found a book on dairy goats started reading now me and the hubby are talking types, Im leaning nigerian dwarf for our farm size, then he plots where in yard to put them, i find my self drinking coffee and drawing out dairy barn. Lets just say i think the wheel is officially greased just may take me a year to get it set.  I will fill you in as the adventure progresses.

Having a milking animals is a commitment once you start milking them you need to be there 2 times a day to do it. No days off You need to have contingency plan if a day off is wanted or you want a holiday. I don't know how many times I have been called to cover milkings for friends, relatives, bosses and even people I did not know.
It is much easier id you have support in place that you can count on in an emergency,

my bestie and mum and my two older girls are eager to learn

Why just the two older girls. I learned to milk a goat when I was five and ""graduated??"" to a cow when I was seven. Get them all in on the "fun??"   ;D

Just don't start milking 75 to 100, the fun becomes dread. :yes: Jack


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