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Chip Euliss:
Anybody ever try this?  I hadn't even heard of it (yep, I live under a rock most of the time) but the fellow who painted the house during the remodel gave me some and I loved it.  Just brewed my first batch and it's very good.  Too expensive in the grocery store but inexpensive to make.  It would have helped to have a functional kitchen but it worked out ok.  Used apricot juice in the secondary ferment and I have another batch going that I'll try with honey.  Lots of probiotics and there are many anecdotal (and likely questionable) accounts of health benefits that run the normal spectrum of ailments.  I like the taste so that was good enough for me, plus it's low in calories :)

Yep I like it too

My daughter makes it all the time, always a batch brewing. And, your right Chip, it real good for the gut  ;)

my brother makes it, hope to one day start that project too. my husband is going to HATE looking at the skoby! *sp

Chip Euliss:
The scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) takes some getting used to!  I was convinced my first batch was ruined but soon learned that's just normal!  The scoby is also called "mother".  Making it is very easy--enjoy yourself!


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