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Went to the beginner's beekeeping class Thursday night. One of the students brought me a large box of home grown sweet potatoes. My wife and I, along with my grandson's fiance canned all day. 32 jars ready for storage.

Last year was the first time we had to buy sweet potatoes in years? every one in my area said there sweet potatoe crop was a flop also. Like us farmers say,Well maybe next year. :sad: Jack

mmm, mmm, love sweet potatoes!  our crop flopped too jack, but in general so did everything else, terrible year for gardening.

I wish we could grow them here. Speaking of crop failure, that is the cause of some of my relatives being over here; different kind of tater though!

Finally Home:
Our garden was a great success!!!!!   Sweet taters-------------------ZERO :sad:


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