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Difficult Time

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This is hard for me. Sweet Wife and I are very private, self reliant people and have a hard time asking for anything.
My 36 year old daughter is in the fight of her life. 3 years ago her doctor gave her up for dead, and I know that friends, acquaintances, and neighbors bowing their heads in prayer brought about a miraculous turnaround. Shes been strong and raising her two kids while finishing the house I built her ever since.
Well, the cancer is back and she has to have more surgery and treatment. As I write this, she and her boyfriend are driving to Minnesota to the Mayo clinic to arrange the surgery.
I ask, if anyone feels so inclined to please say a prayer for my little girl, Carrie.

Neill Sayers

Sending positive thoughts your way!

I'm On It Neil! As we speak, a candle is burning with love and light for your dear daughter. Holding you in my heart ~

Always glad to send a prayer.

prayer and good thoughts sent.

Safe travels and understanding for the whole family.


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