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Found me an old national #7 pressure canner at the fle market for 7$ paid 8.99 for the replacement seal and auto air vent. Very excited cus new ones cost an arm and a leg now!

needing to know if any one knows how to operate the petcocks on this canner?

Start your cook. When the air is out and a steady stream of steam is coming out, close the petcock. Time the cook from the time the gauge reads your cooking pressure. When time is up, Remove from burner and DO NOT OPEN. When cool, open petcock a tiny bit at a time. If you get steam, close it and wait. When you get NO steam, it is safe to open the canner and remove the jars.


Here is a link to a site where you can download the original instructions. You want to make sure that someone has not put non standard parts on or defeated any of the designed safety features. Some canners have a rubber blow out plug that should be replaced if it is old. If you get the original manual that is the safest route as usually the pictures will show what it should look like and point you to that models particular trouble points to check.

Sorry forgot to paste the link.


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