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It's elderberry time!  Nice crop this year because of all the rain.  I picked on 8/8 and 8/10.
I like to removed the berries from the stems, wash, and freeze for later use.  Usually, I make jelly but I think I need to learn how to make elderberry mead.  :)

Don't know if I have tasted and elderberry.  I've been a canning fool this year.  Can you make jam?  I made peach jam a week ago.  Oh, sweet Jesus! 

Drool, crazy8.  Peach jam, drool.  Yes, I make jelly from the elderberries.  We are hooked on elderberry jelly.  I like to make it real dark, not diluted down.  They are supposed to help prevent colds and are high in vitamin c.

Are the seeds hard and gritty making it necessary to run the pulp through a jelly bag?

I strain it through cheesecloth.  I simmer on the stove top in enough water to cover.  Using a masher, I try to mash the berries.  I am not sure about a jelly bag, but that should work too.  I try not to squeeze as sometimes that makes a cloudy juice. 


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