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I did not want to hijack Lindsey's thread so: depending on the herb I usually dry leaves on a wire rack & cover them with newspaper so they do not get dusty. bulkier plants I bundle & hang upside down. I usually do this in my garage or attic, never in direct sunlight. it just dawned on me that the growing season will be over soon & I've been sleepwalking & need to dry as much comfrey & hyssop as I can while I can. I have a food dehydrator. the lowest setting is 94*. i'm wondering if the dehydrator would dry these leaves beyond being viable for medicinal purposes.

rober, I don't have much experience with food dehydrators, so I googled it.  I found this link that might help you.  It looked like an interesting article.

thanks for that! I put my reading glasses on & guess what? the lowest setting ( 94* ) is designated for herbs & spices. it completely dried the comfrey leaves overnight. thing is the leaves on racks dried enough overnight to be stored in paper grocery bags.

I just read the page on that link. that's pretty much what I've been doing for 45 years. I guess i'm a fart smeller.

The other day I noticed a couple settings on our new kitchen range.  One is for proofing dough and the other is for dehydrating.  We have a tree full of Kieffer pears, and will try dehydrating some of them for a start.  Thanks for starting the thread.  :)


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