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Pickled Okra Recipe?

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i love okra, i buy it 'fresh' from our local store and grill it.  (well fresh from what we recieve in the north)......okra so good on the grill! like any other vegetable!

i have purchased some pickled okra in the past from the local grocery store, and recently 'talk o texas' crisp pickled okra........
this was awsome! crisp and tasty!

i have googled recipes for pickling okra, wondering if any of our southerners have a perfected recipe for pickling okra and crispy for doing so?

my grandmother grew fresh okra in oklahoma, and okra in her cast iron skillet on the stove was awesome stuff!  never been able to duplicate her recipe.
she also pickled her okra, but unfortunately for me i do not have her recipe, sure wish i did. would love to have a conversation with her about the fine art on okra. she would get a kick out of me grilling it on a charcoal grill and would love it. probably wouldn't rival her fried okra, but good tasting and maybe more fat friendly......... :D

Mikey N.C.:
Can't remember what type okra, think it was clemson spineless?   My mother could could duplicate it . cast iron pan, fatback or bacon grease or lard. Cooked on low until browned,  then just sprinkle a little stone ground fine white cornmeal.  Our oldest mills (atkinson or house autry) was used. If cast iron pan is seasoned good , you don't use much grease.  Thats the trick for me.

Mikey N.C.:
Forgot to say , with grease and okra on low.  Don't use lid. You want all moisture cooked out . Before corn or flour mill. Well seasoned pan !

Mikey N.C.:
When i lived in Louisiana they dusted outside of okra then put in cast pan with grease . get out side crisp first,  then let water release . then cook down

thanks mikey,
frying up fresh okra is an art!

my grandmother used a well seasoned cast iron skillet, lard or bacon grease, dusted the okra in cornmeal and an egg mixture, maybe some flour? salt, pepper, and maybe a little cajun seasoning, she never put a lid on it.......we slobbered that okra right up............ :D :D :D

up here in the north we get what we can from a local grocer. with okra, the smallest are the best, kind of have to figure out by looking at it what's going to be woody.

i was looking for a recipe for anyone who had pickled okra in jars rather than frying this up, cuz it might last longer............ :D


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